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Randall Goodden has retired and doesn't plan anymore seminars, but feel free to email him with any questions.

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What Did You Learn
from Our Seminars:

  • A Current Review of Recalls, Product Liability Lawsuits, Trends, and Leading Causes
  • A Review of All the Areas that Lead to Product Liability Lawsuits
  • Understanding Product Liability Law and Legal Definitions
  • The Role of the Design Review Team and Different Stages of the Design Review
  • The Product Safety Team Focus and Legal Expectations
  • The New Standards for Warnings & Instructions
  • Key Elements for Protecting the Company Regarding Contractual Agreements & Purchase Orders
  • Supplier Selection & Control
  • Post Sale Duties & Recall Readiness
  • Records Retention, Dangerous Documents & Discovery
  • Creating the Corporate Administrative Team to Drive the Program
  • Key Aspects of Incident Investigation
  • Entering into Litigation and All the Steps Involved

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Public Seminars Worldwide

Every year the number of product recalls continues to climb, along with the number of product liability lawsuits filed against manufacturing corporations of all sizes. In the U.S. alone recent studies have shown that there are over 270,000 cases in the courts, and over 80,000 new cases being added annually. Product safety is a major concern worldwide and manufacturing companies need to be in a position to assure their products are safe. Recall costs and product liability verdicts can bankrupt a company or have a long term crippling affect on a manufacturing corporation.

You will learn the best procedures for new product development and risk management as well as supplier and subcontractor management and control, key aspects of contractual agreements, recall readiness, and how to recognize day-to-day activities by all the members of the management team that could have a major affect in a product liability lawsuit. The management processes taught at this seminar will lead to significant improvements in operating efficiencies and profitability, and significantly reduce the chances of a product recalls or product liability lawsuits. He spent decades in manufacturing as the Corporate VP of Quality & Reliability, Litigation Management, & New Product Development, and was the Interim President of a large international manufacturing corporation with 8 plants worldwide in 2015.

Randall Goodden, is recognized worldwide as a leading authority on Product Safety, Recall & Product Liability Prevention, and teaches seminars in all parts of the world. He is the author of the 3 best selling books on the topic, Lawsuit! Reducing the Risk of Product Liability for Manufacturers (Wiley), Product Liability Prevention: A Strategic Guide (Quality Press), & Preventing and Handling Product Liability (Marcel Dekker) , sold at all book stores around the world, and are required textbooks at numerous universities worldwide. His seminars started at Oxford University in 1996, but he has been asked to give presentations at numerous universities to student bodies as well as part of the universities Continuing Education Programs for Manufacturing Management.

Randall Goodden has served as an Expert Witness in Product Liability cases and has managed Product Liability litigation for clients and hiring the right attorneys for Product Liability, Trademark, and Copyright cases for corporate clients.

In April of 2016 the Connecticut Supreme Court wrote to Randall Goodden and asked if he would offer his opinion on a Product Liability case that was before the State of Connecticut Supreme Court, Appellate Court, based on Adequacy of Warnings, which he did.

He was brought to the State Department in Washington D.C. to be a key speaker at the 4th Biennial United States-China Consumer Product Safety Summit between the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection, and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China (AQSIQ) because of his expertise in this field, as well as being known for his seminars throughout the U.S., China, and elsewhere in the world.

Consulting Services

From his decades in executive management as a Corp VP for large international multi-plant corporations and working with numerous other manufacturing corporations worldwide for over 25 years, Randall Goodden can help your manufacturing corporation in a number of critical areas. He has been the Interim President and serves on the Advisory Board to corporations addressing all areas of executive management.

The following is just a sample of the areas where we could help your company:

  • Being on your Advisory Board assisting with all Executive aspects and areas of the Corporation
  • Advice and recommendations regarding your product liability prevention administrative efforts
  • Helping your company handle Litigation Management and incident investigations
  • Reviews of your products, packaging, instructions and warnings
  • Reviews of your product marketing and promotional materials from a liability perspective
  • Quality Assurance program evaluations and development assistance
  • On-site evaluations of your entire product safety & liability prevention program and efforts
  • Assistance in finding product liability defense attorneys to represent your corporation

Whether it be for an hour, a day, a week, or on retainer, we are more than happy to offer our assistance. Randall Goodden is commonly conferenced in to Board Room meetings, special meeting calls by the leadership team, or coming to your company to work with the management team. We can travel to your site for special meetings, inspections or reviews, and furnish you with recommendations and reports.

Let us assist your Executive Team in numerous areas that can help prevent or correct costly business and management issues, and improving efficiencies and profitability.

In-House Seminars for the Entire Management Team

With the growing numbers of product recalls and product liability lawsuits, CEOs need to recognize the importance of ensuring their management teams are making all the right moves and avoiding the potential of financially devastating recalls, or worse yet, catastrophic lawsuits. But these CEOs also need to realize that without the proper training, their management teams won’t know all the right moves, and their corporations could therefore be very susceptible to such disasters. In today’s economy, most corporations can’t afford to take such chances.

Randall Goodden has been brought in to teach the management teams at corporations throughout the U.S., Europe, China, and India such as: Siemens, Renault Car Company (Paris), Rockwell Automation, Artsana (Italy), Caben Asia Pacific (China), Ingersol Rand, Brose, Cummins, Kaiser Aluminum, GEA Farm Technologies, ITC (India), ThyssenKrupp, Indesit (Italy), Beckett, Umicore, SpectrumBrands, CITIC & Nari Technologies (China), AutomationDirect, Douglas Dynamics, HellermannTyton, Milwaukee Valve, Midea Group (China), Haltec, Zurich Insurance & Hanover Insurance, and a large number of other companies.

Some manufacturing corporations have rented ballrooms at nearby hotels for such training, and others have held them in their own amphitheaters with management teams up to or over 550 in size, and other corporations have even televised the event to other operations around the world, or flown Mr. Goodden by corporate jet from one location to another to achieve all the training. But one aspect remains constant, CEOs and their management teams continuously say it was the best seminar they ever attended!

Download our In-House Brochure In-House Seminar and contact us for more information.

Seminars Around The World

Randall Goodden is regularly teaching Quality Improvement, Product Safety & Liability Prevention seminars around the world. The above picture was the audience for his 2-day seminar where over 200 attendees filled the Grand Ballroom of the Changzhou China Grand Hotel. These seminars are attended and endorsed by top officials and agencies in China. This was just one of many seminars he has held throughout China since 2008. His seminars are routinely held across the United States, Europe & the U.K., Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, India, as well as China.

The record number of recalls followed by product liability lawsuits have continued to rise for the past 6 years in the United States, as well as Canada and Europe. At the height of the original crises in December of 2007 Randall Goodden was interviewed by newspapers and magazines all across the country, and was featured on Reuters News, which was shown worldwide. As stated in the interview, many of the recalls from China are not the fault of the Chinese manufacturers, but the fault of the many corporate engineering groups throughout North America and Europe that designed the products. That is why this training is not only a necessity in China, but also in North America and Europe.

Hear what prior attendees have said:

"Randall Goodden's Product Liability seminar has been one of the best investments of time I have ever made".
      Urbain du Plessis - Business Manager, Hella Australia Pty Ltd

"The seminar was exceptional and represented one of the highest values of any seminar I've attended in my 25 years in industry".
      Kenneth McHenry - VP of Business Development, Effikal International

"This seminar was very good, and did what I was hoping it would do which was to describe the product liability landscape in a very comprehensive manner. By having our team attend together, it enabled us to have a common frame of reference which facilitates better dialogue and strategic thinking. I also appreciated the wealth of real cases you were able to draw on to bring home your points".
       Guy La Salle - Director of Product Safety & Regulatory Compliance, Nike

“The knowledge base that our senior managers have acquired from your seminar will definitely change the way we do business. I will indeed recommend this seminar to other corporations in India and abroad”.
      Rohinton Mehta, Associate General Counsel, ITC Ltd, India

"The Product Liability Seminar clearly outlined the issues at hand when dealing with product liability. Our company is already starting to use some of the techniques which where outlined at the seminar. I would highly recommend this seminar. Thank you for your help".
      David Davis - President, Heat Transfer Products

"Your seminar is a real eye opener about the product safety & liability situation in America. I think everybody involved in the design & manufacture of consumer products would greatly benefit from attending it, from assembly workers to CEO's. It definitely changes one's perspective!"
      Gilles Pesant - Product Safety Manager, Bombardier Recreational Products

"I thought the Product Safety & Liability Prevention seminar was excellent! For me as an oversees Product Safety Advisor, this seminar was invaluable to understand the American system. I certainly recommend those working with product safety, both Americans and oversees, to attend your seminars".
      Johnny Persson - Product Safety Officer, Tetra Pak, Sweden

Or, if you would rather have your entire management team learn these fundamentals at the same time, and save travel costs, consider holding an in-house Product Liability Prevention seminar, and really increase the knowledge of your organization. These seminars can be the normal 2-day length, or customized to 1-day or half-day versions.

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